M-CON 2017 is proud to host a variety of incredibly talented artists and entertainers!

The Runaway Four

The Runaway Four mix, match and mash the best of video game music from classic tunes to hidden gems. With over 300 songs in their repertoire they span all genres and generations, giving every gamer something to enjoy from their themed medleys, timed visuals, cosplay and energetic performance.

“If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if your favourite video game characters got together and formed a band, it would probably sound something like the Runaway Four.” -The Enlightened Nerd

Since September 2014, the four-piece has rocked nerds at cons and fests in Vancouver, New Westminster, Prince George and Nanaimo and performed in Seattle and Portland on their independent American Dream Chaser tour summer of 2016. In January of 2017 the Runaway Four released their debut studio album, Chaos Theatre.

“The six song album reminds me of classic rock albums like Pink Floyd. I’m talking, the type of album that only has half a dozen tracks, but lasts an hour and takes you through a variety of genres and emotions.” -GameMusic4All

“…you’ll hear Diddy Kong Racing mingle into Super Mario RPG and charge into ‘Hot Damned’ from Super Meat Boy…” -Original Sound Version


Medieval Chaos

Heavy Action Role Playing

Medieval Chaos will be running a live combat demonstration!


The WalkOff


Need a break from your homework? Come watch your favourite characters youthful hormones come head to head as they go back to school…on the Walkoff Stage! They’ll shake, shimmy, and sway in an attempt to become Class President of your hearts. Don’t miss our exciting inaugural show at MosaiCon, presented by Mockingbird Media Productions and hosted by Krow Schizo.


Be there for attendance at 10:30 am on September 17, and prepare for a lesson of a lifetime.

18+ Events

Hentai Cupcake Productions


Swimsuit Showdown!

Come one, come all and compete in the most ridiculously amazing thing you’ll ever do with your life! Run by the one and only Jacob Powers of Hentai Cupcake Productions. He’s here to make it lewd, make it weird, and make it awesome!

  1. Introduction: Introduce yourself as your character.
  2. Talent: Perform a talent to wow the crowd, the talent can be anything (we can help with it or help you come up with ideas!)
  3. Q&A: Contestants pick audience members to ask them questions.

The swimsuit cosplays do not have to be swimworthy in any way; have fun with them and think about what your character would wear to a beach!


Some Rules!

-ALL Contestants MUST be 18+. ID WILL be checked.
-Must have valid M-Con pass
-Must give M-Con consent to use any photo/video for promotional purposes
-Absolutely no Mic Drops
-Follow M-Con and Convention Center Rules (common sense, i.e no throwing items at crowd, no messy products to be used on stage etc.)



There can be only 2! 2 Winners that is!
Winners for 2 categories:
Judges Choice and Fan Favourite!


How to apply:
Send us the following information:
Character you are portraying:
Facebook Profile (for adding to future Facebook group chats with other entries):
Audio File (Please attach an MP3 file or Dropbox Link):

Please email entries to hentaicupcakeproductions@gmail.com