Cosplay Content

Join us for one of M-CON's premier events: the cosplay content!

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Time: TBA

Main Stage

1 soul (joking it’s free you nerds come enter and have fun!)

Contest Organizers
Melissa Ball
Addy Davies



Pre-register online or 9am-10am Saturday morning. There will be signage leading to the sign up table, and if you are feeling a little lost, just ask one of our volunteers. If signing up day of and would like audio for your performance, you MUST email your MP3 file to at least 1 hour prior to the event. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you miss cut off for your music, you will NOT have music.

Send us the following info to:
– First and last name
– Name of character and series it is from
– Your Age
– Which category you’ll be entering
– Attach an mp3 file of your intro music if applicable (only about 30 seconds to 1 minute of it will be used)
– Email we can reach you by
– Mailing address
– MC intro information if you would like, but not required (If you have an idea of how you would like the have the MC introduce you, let us know!)

CUT OFF for online registration is September 14th at 12am. You will be required to register at the convention on Saturday if you did not pre-register.

Everyone entered in the contest must assemble at the designated area (will be marked. If lost, ask a volunteer.) 15 minutes prior to the event commencing. Judging will be in order from Junior, Intermediate, Professional. Prizes will be awarded after each level.




1. All participants must have a MosaiCon weekend pass or Saturday Pass


2. You must either have pre-registered online or that day at the registration table


3. Entries are separated into three groups:
Junior – Contestants who are under the age of 14 years old. Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian

Intermediate – Contestants who have participated in 2 or less major cosplay contests at any convention. At least 50% of the cosplay worn must be made by the wearer

Professional – Contestants that have participated in more than 2 major cosplay contests at any convention. Must have made their entire cosplay. (With the exception of Costume Creators using a model to   showcase their hard work.)

**Judges reserve the right to move contestants into different categories if they feel the skill level of the cosplayer exceeds the category they initially signed up for.**


4. Groups are allowed to enter the contest, but will be judged as if the whole group was 1 person entering.


5. All participants not entering the Junior category must be at least 14 years old to enter.


6. There will be photo and video taken during the entire performance. These images/video are property of M-CON for the purposes of advertising and promoting future events and contests (if you’re lucky we’ll use the most flattering one of you we can find! Or not. Kidding! Haha.)


7. All costumes and props must abide by the convention dress code and weapons policy. If  anyone is found to be violating the policy, they will be disqualified.


8.There is to be no aerosol, confetti, glitter, pyrotechnics or live flame in general, bubble machines, or smoke generators allowed.


9. There is no access to plug ins. If your costume requires power, you must have it incorporated in your costume.


10. Performance
All costumes must have mobility to allow you to go up and down steps. You may have up to two assistants if needed.
You are required to stay in the main stage/room area until the contest is over. There will be designated areas for waiting and volunteers to help guide you.
You have 30 seconds to perform on stage. Do whatever you want and show off your incredible talent! The MC will then come to you and ask you questions regarding your cosplay. Please be prepared to answer and possibly speak in a microphone.
Groups will be allowed an additional 20 seconds per person. Example: 2 people would have 50 seconds, 3 people would have 1 minute 10 seconds. Time cannot exceed 2 minutes regardless of the group size.


11. Prize breakdown:
Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:
Best In Show


12. These rules are set but due to unforeseeable circumstances changes can be made such as times or rules. Any changes made will be posted and notified on social media as well to ensure it’s seen. Copies of these rules will be posted at our Registration tables for buying tickets at the door, as well as the Cosplay Contest Registration table.


18+ Swimsuit Contest

This after-hours, 18+ event is presented by Hentai Cupcake Productions!

Hentai Cupcake Productions


Swimsuit Showdown!

Come one, come all and compete in the most ridiculously amazing thing you’ll ever do with your life! Run by the one and only Jacob Powers of Hentai Cupcake Productions. He’s here to make it lewd, make it weird, and make it awesome!

  1. Introduction: Introduce yourself as your character.
  2. Talent: Perform a talent to wow the crowd, the talent can be anything (we can help with it or help you come up with ideas!)
  3. Q&A: Contestants pick audience members to ask them questions.

The swimsuit cosplays do not have to be swimworthy in any way; have fun with them and think about what your character would wear to a beach!


Some Rules!

-ALL Contestants MUST be 18+. ID WILL be checked.
-Must have valid M-Con pass
-Must give M-Con consent to use any photo/video for promotional purposes
-Absolutely no Mic Drops
-Follow M-Con and Convention Center Rules (common sense, i.e no throwing items at crowd, no messy products to be used on stage etc.)



There can be only 2! 2 Winners that is!
Winners for 2 categories:
Judges Choice and Fan Favourite!


How to apply:
Send us the following information:
Character you are portraying:
Facebook Profile (for adding to future Facebook group chats with other entries):
Audio File (Please attach an MP3 file or Dropbox Link):

Please email entries to