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Vancouver Island Conference Centre

101 Gordon St, Nanaimo, BC

Sept 16 & 17


Vancouver Island Conference Centre


All Day Sunday

Presented by North Island Battlefield

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Featured Guests

Mackenzie Gray

“The Eye” from FX’s LEGION

Adrian Hough

“Haytham Kenway” from Assassin’s Creed III

Gladzy & The Dark Knight of Victoria

501st Legion

Cloudhead Games

The Runaway Four


M-CON Presents

League of Legends Tournament



Prize pool of $1500 + HyperX Items + League of Legends Goodies

First Place Prize: $1,000


$15 entry fee + $30 2 day pass per player.

Sharon Gerts

League of Legends Tournament Organizer

M-CON Presents

Overwatch Tournament

Overwatch 3v3 elimination tournament



Prize pool of $1000 + Overwatch Goodies

First Place Prize: $500

Second Place Prize: $250

Third Place Prize: $150


$15 entry fee + $30 2 day pass per player.

Tianna Martin

Overwatch Tournament Organizer

M-CON Presents

Super Smash Bros. Melee and 4 Tournaments



 Less Than 20 People: $60 - $30 - $10

20-39 people: $55 - $30 - $10 - $5

40-59 people: $50 - $30 - $10 - $5(x2)

More than 60 people: $35 - $25 - $15 - $10 - $5(x2) - $2.50(x2)


$5 entry fee per event + regular convention admission.

On-site registration only - come early!

Michael Slang

Super Smash Bros. Organizer

Proving Grounds

Smash & Stab Tournament

Saturday 1pm – 5pm


Prove yourself the ultimate boss onscreen and off in our eighth Smash & Stab tournament! Battle your opponents in Smash Bros. Wii U, then pick up a weapon and duel in real life. Dominate the controller and the blade in a double elimination ladder tournament to come out as the ultimate victor and claim fabulous prizes. Can you claim victory?

Featured Panels

Hub City Cinema Society Presents

An Interview with Mackenzie Gray

1 Hour



Spend an hour with award winning, multi-talented, artist Mackenzie Gray. A well respected actor, director, singer songwriter, musician and producer, he has worked internationally with a who`s who of the theatre, film, television, music, arts and entertainment industries.
Interviewer Zachary Tannar will show clips from his work, and chat with Mackenzie, bringing out the breadth of experience, wit, wisdom and great stories of the stars that Mackenzie has gained over his lifetime in the arts. There will be a 20 minute Q & A after the interview.

Cloudhead Games Presents

The Cloudhead Games Panel

1 Hour



Come and see how the team at award winning virtual reality game creators Cloudhead Games made their game The Gallery: Call of the Starseed, and their second episode, Heart of the Emberstone which drops in mid September. Meet the stars of the games, BAFTA nominated actor Adrian Hough, Victoria based actor Joanne Wilson, and Antony Stevens of Cloudhead, who will be happy to answer all your questions about the making of the games.

M-CON 2017 Presents

Have a Chat with Adrian Hough

Half Hour



When you meet Adrian Hough you will have the odd feeling that you know him from somewhere, and you probably do, from one of his many film, and television guest star roles. His versatility with creating a character through voice, movement and background research, along with his uncanny facility for accents, has seen him work internationally playing opposite actors in their native accent, notably Scots actor (Dr. Who) Peter Capaldi`s brother, for the BBC, and a cockney squadie on Heartbeat another British series, and yes,he`s the German guy in the Hyundai commercials. Nominated for a BAFTA award for his full voice and motion capture performance as British Templar Haytham Kenway in the Assassin`s Creed games, Adrian was sought out to pioneer his virtual reality performance as the Seeker in the Cloudhead Games series THE GALLERY . Low key and private, when Adrian is not on stage or screen you will find him speaking out on environmental preservation, or supporting his Nanaimo community with philanthropic events such as M-CON and social justice activism.During this half hour you will see a quick show reel of Adrian`s film and television work followed by a Q & A, when Adrian will answer questions and share insights about his career.


The Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association (VIIPA)

The Vancouver Island Pokemon Go Syndicate (VIPGS)

We are a community managed volunteer organizations bringing fun events and promotions to the ARG gamers across the island. We look forward to seeing you at M-CON 2017!